A luxurious blend of coffee beans from the 4 corners of the world.  Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia & Peru. While proportions vary year-to-year depending on the flavor profile of each variety. Each set of beans are roasted to a level that best represents its profile; some light, some darker ending in an overall blend that falls between Medium and Bold. Each of the beans are blended after roasting and then ground. Eden™ has a full body, yet a complete balance across an extreme range of flavors, yielding an incredibly harmonious blend. 



Ground/Whole:          Ground

Bean Type:                 Undisclosed

Varietal:                      100% Arabica -Typica

Roast:                         Medium Dark

Grade:                         Grade 1 / Specialty 

Weight:                       10 oz / 283 g

Certification:              Fair Trade

Certification:              Organic

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